An Ode to the Off-Season: Lynn Canyon

I’m standing in line, waiting to cross a suspension bridge strung high across a canyon.



An Ode to The Off-Season: Lynn Canyon I

Jade mountain runoff crashes over a waterfall nearly two hundred feet below. I’ve made the mistake of coming on a Saturday afternoon. Even in the off-season, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is a regular feature on most Vancouverites’ list of weekend afternoon getaways. On any given weekend this North Shore staple bounces and sways with a steady flow of sight-seers, posing for photos and gazing into the water below. But come here on a weekday, particularly a rainy weekday, and the odds of having it to yourself (even for a moment) are good.

A Ode to The Off-Season: Lynn Canyon II

The same rule goes for most local favorites: timing is everything. And while most of us tend to follow the bear’s inclination to hibernate the winter months away, these are the times we should seize for our own. The weather that scares most vacationers away (or up a mountain) is just a drop in the bucket, one already filled with over a meter of rain.


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